Revitalize your laptop battery

November 23rd, 2005

The biggest complaint that people have about their [tag]laptop[/tag]s (apart from price!) is the [tag]battery life[/tag].  Owners want to work longer than their laptops are able to.  To make matters worse, over time the [tag]laptop battery[/tag] becomes tired and sluggish and holds less charge.

There are two main reasons why a laptop battery degrades:

  • Age
  • Too much time on charge (which increases with age)

You have two options open to you:

  • Buy a new battery
  • Try to revitalize the old battery

A trick that I've found that helps to revitalize a laptop battery is to use it extensively.  Take the laptop and leave it on battery power until the laptop complains it's low on power (most will go into standby mode and then switch off).  Then switch off, recharge and repeat.  Do this three times and then see how the battery performs under ordinary usage.

Another tip that I have for you is not to leave the laptop on charge all the time.  I aim to use it on [tag]battery[/tag] at least once a week while helps to keep the battery in tip-top condition.

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