Sony DRM code violates open source LGPL license and uninstaller opens a big security hole!

November 15th, 2005



Sony XCP DRM - What does it mean to YOU?


This story just keeps getting weirder and weirder!

Firstly, Alex Halderman and Ed Felten talks about the huge security problems that the Sony uninstaller causes.

Question. Is Microsoft now going to add the Sony CodeSupport ActiveX uninstaller to the Malicious Software Removal Tool for December?

Secondly, a Dutch article is now reporting that the [tag]Sony DRM[/tag] [tag]spyware[/tag] application contains code from the [tag]LAME[/tag] [tag]MP3[/tag] [tag]encoder[/tag] project, which is licensed under [tag]LGPL[/tag] (perhaps part of a detection routine to circumvent the LAME MP3 encoder.

Here's some more interesting research being carried out on [tag]Sony[/tag]'s [tag]XCP[/tag] [tag]DRM[/tag] rootkit.

Violate copyright to protect profits ... sorry, I mean the artist's copyright of course.

How deep can this one get?

PC Doctor cartoon Sony respect lost

PC Doctor cartoon - Sorny Weasels

 PC Doctor cartoon - Sorny - Making life easier!

 PC Doctor cartoon - spyware scanners

 PC Doctor cartoon - Zombie PC



LAME is not only licensed under LGPS but also under the stricter GPL:

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** The decoding functions provided in LAME use the mpglib decoding engine which is under the GPL. They may not be used by any program not released under the GPL unless you obtain such permission from the MPG123 project (

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