Removing the Sony DRM rootkit (and some good news from Microsoft)

November 12th, 2005



Sony XCP DRM - What does it mean to YOU?


Detailed information from on how to remove the [tag]Sony[/tag] [tag]DRM[/tag] [tag]rootkit[/tag].

At the same time, Ed Felten of Freedon to Tinker reminds us that Sony uses [tag]SunnComm[/tag] [tag]MediaMax[/tag] DRM technology as well as [tag]XCP[/tag].

The Microsoft Anti-Malware Engineering Team that the signatures for the Sony DRM component XCP will be added to Wind0ws [tag]AntiSpyware[/tag] Beta, [tag]Windows Defender[/tag] and the [tag]Malicious Software Removal Tool[/tag] in the December update. It will also be included in the signature set for the online scanner on Windows Live Safety Center.


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  1. Spyware Informer Says:

    Microsoft Lists Sony Rootkit as Spyware

    Yesterday Microsoft updated their AntiSpyware program (now known as Windows Defender) to detect and remove the Sony rootkit installed when you rip a Sony BMG protected CD to your computer. This coming December, Microsoft will update the tool to detec...