Second variant of the Sony DRM trojan detected by BitDefender

November 11th, 2005



Sony XCP DRM - What does it mean to YOU?


[tag]BitDefender[/tag] have today released details of a second variation of the [tag]Sony[/tag] [tag]DRM[/tag] backdoor [tag]Trojan[/tag], called [tag]Backdoor.IRC.Synd.B[/tag]. 

Similar to the first Trojan found earlier today but written with a new digital signature to get past anti-virus defenses, this new version also uses the cover provided by the Sony DRM component to hide itself. Changes found by BitDefender in this new variant include reparation of the bugs from the first version, a change of the file name to "$sys$xp.exe", change of the IRC channel name, as well as some additional minor technical changes.

According to the BitDefender press release, this Trojan installs an IRC backdoor on the affected system, allowing hackers later access to the system. 

There's good news for BitDefender customers:

"BitDefender's [tag]HiVE[/tag] technology enabled us to detect the second variant of the virus without any need for additional signatures," commented Viorel Canja, head of BitDefender Labs. "While this new strain is also in the wild, BitDefender will continue to monitor for any additional variations of the Sony DRM Trojan. BitDefender is committed to being one step ahead of virus writers, so that our customers can feel confident that they are always protected."


Bruce Schneier also has good coverage of the whole issues in the posts "Sony Secretly Installs Rootkit on Computers" and "More on Sony's DRM Rootkit".

And it now seems that the Department for Homeland Security wades into the Sony issue. I get the feeling that they must be seriously feeling the heat now.

So much so that they have temporarily suspended production of CDs that use the XCP technology.

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