Fixing a noisy PC, Part 1 – Ensure your PC is stable

November 9th, 2005

There's nothing more irritating than a [tag]PC[/tag] that's more [tag]noisy[/tag] than it should be.  However, before you go delving inside your PC looking for the source of noise, take a look at the outside.  Take an especially close look at whether the PC sits properly on the desk or holder. 

PCs have four feet underneath the case and all four of these need o be touching a surface, if they aren't you have a recipe for a noisy PC right there.  There's a lot of high-speed moving parts in a PC (hard drives, CD/DVD drives, fans) and these can cause the whole system to oscillate which in turn leads to noise.

If all four feet aren't touching the desk or other surface you have your PC resting on them you need to make some changes.  One of the easiest ways to fix this problem I find is to put a dollop of [tag]modeling clay[/tag] or [tag]Blu-Tac[/tag] under the feet.  This will mould to fill in any gaps that exist and also act as a sound suppressor.  You can put sound-suppressing rubber under each foot but I usually find that I'm all out of it when I need it so modeling clay or Blu-Tac is easier!

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