Examining traffic from Digg, Slashdot and memeorandum

November 9th, 2005

Darren Rowse over on Problogger links to a post by davak at Tech-Recipe that analyses traffic to blogs that comes from [tag]Digg[/tag], the social bookmarking site.

The summary of the post is that:

1. Digg users do not click ads
2. Digg users do not use Alexa
3. Digg traffic does not generate new users, comments, or posts.
4. Every site on the front page gets flamed in the comments.
5. The digg effect brings in a moderate amount of traffic and uses a lot of bandwidth.
6. Digg users are more polite than [tag]slashdot[/tag] visitors.
7. The digg effect is much less on a weekend.
8. The best digg post regarding a topic is not always the one that reaches the front page.
9. Digg may or may not have positive effects on your google pagerank.
10. After a site is highlighted on the Digg front page, it will start showing up in the other social bookmarking systems soon.

What surprised me is how similar this is to traffic that I've received from tech.memeorandum.com. Having had days when I've had four or five posts in [tag]memeorandum[/tag] I'd certainly agree with points 1 - 3, and 7.  I'll also add that even having a number of featured links in memeorandum doesn't have a huge impact on site traffic, in fact it's quite negligible.  I had a page linked to from Slashdot a while back and that resulted in a huge increase in traffic and bandwidth use but nothing else - it dropped off and faded leaving nothing but a spike in traffic for that day and a little the next.

The bottom line of what I'm saying is that I know from reading and talking to people that there are a lot of people desperate to get Slashdotted, featured on Digg or get into memeorandum but the overall effect adds up to little more than a greater increase in bandwidth for those days and any revenue you generate stays the same.  Rather than obsess with high-volume traffic it's better to generate traffic from people actually interested in what your site is about and what you have to say, that way you generate loyal readership that come back regularly.



Hmm, it seems that people are so desperate to get into memeorandum that they game the system.  This is another example of why such systems don't work and it's better to concentrate on building a site rather than trying to get into a specific listing.  This proves that as soon as something like memeorandum becomes mainstream spammers will target it mercilessly.

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