Clearing up confusion about the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

November 7th, 2005

Reading a few of the comments over on Brian Kreb’s Security Fix over on the Washington Post site I’m realizing that a number of people seem confused by the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) and what its role is.

What it is:

  • Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool removes specific malicious code and applications.  A new version is released on the second Tuesday of every month, and as needed to respond to specific, widespread security incidents.
  • Malware removed by the MSRT is detailed on the Microsoft site.
  • It runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003.

What is is not:

  • A comprehensive antivirus tool.
  • A comprehensive spyware/malware removal tool.

How to run it in-between monthly downloads:

  • There also seems to be confusion as to how to run the tool in-between new monthly downloads.  The easiest way to to download and run the latest version is to visit this page and click on Check My PC for Infection.

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