Abiword – Critical security vulnerability discovered

October 14th, 2005

A critical [tag]security[/tag] [tag]vulnerability[/tag] that can be exploited both remotely (over a network or web) and locally (someone with access to the system) has been discovered in [tag]Abiword[/tag] word processor application (Abiword is one of the free [tag]Microsoft Word[/tag] alternatives available).

This affects Abiword version 2.4.0 and prior and at the time of writing no patch or update exists.

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One Response to “Abiword – Critical security vulnerability discovered”

  1. AbiWord Community Outreach Project Says:

    Notepad more featureful than AbiWord? (and other entertaining tales)

    Couldn’t this user have opened the file as a text file in AbiWord and done the same thing? It would be interesting to find out what the control character was and where it came from…. - http://www.indigomoonsystems.com/status/status.php?/a...