Are people getting tired of Web 2.0?

October 12th, 2005

Is it me or am I picking up on a change in how people are reacting to Web 2.0, especially now venture capitalists are on board?

A quote by Ben Barren that I really like is this one where he describes it as an:

"emerging land of absurdity where a live prototype that can be replicated in 90 days, that has no business model or revenue is considered a business."

PC Doctor cartoon - Web 2.0
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I'm not convinced by the whole Web 2.0 thing to be honest (how many people even know what it is?) and I see it as a bubble that will suck cash from people for a while before doing what all bubbles do eventually. My reasoning for this is quite simple - no matter what anyone says it's far too overhyped and to keep that level of hype is going to need a lot of cash and that's going to be the downfall. Also, compare it to Web 1.0 and there are a lot more players in the game so competition is going to be fierce and there are going to be a lot of casualties.

PC Doctor cartoon - bubbles can burst

The other problem with Web 2.0 is that when you boil it down there's no new technology involved - it's Web 1.0 with a few buzzwords and a paradigm shift (and I'm not too sure what that shift is). The entry onto the ladder is easy and at the moment it seems that ideas (which are ten a penny) are ridiculously overhyped and overvalued. There needs to be close focus on the fundamentals and a gradual build up if this isn't to crash in a big way.

As with all things, it's time that will tell.

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