Do we rely too much on computers?

September 30th, 2005

Here's a question for you. Do we rely too much on computers and the data they hold? I don't mean on a personal, small scale, but on a larger scale.

Just who are you? What do people know about you? Who told them what they know and how accurate is their information? Who has access to that information? What is it worth to others?

I've often think that the tech-ladened world that we currently live in has been built haphazardly and without an overall plan. Take the notion that we are who and what computers say we are. Many of us are defined in so many different ways on a myriad of computer systems and we have little to no control over who has access to that data, and, more importantly, who has power to change it. Go back a couple of decades and out identities would have been defined by things like our physical features (face, fingerprints, signatures, etc) and physical documents that we or others have (passports, driving licenses, copy of out signature at the bank, etc). Nowadays we are defined by data that we don't get to see or verify and that can be altered or deleted at the will of others. either maliciously or accidentally.

Such poorly designed systems with so few checks and balances are a direct result of computers infiltrating businesses and being used to cut costs and increase margins - security was the last thing on the minds of the businesses adopting them. Now it had to take back control of our information and force companies to take better care of it.

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