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Scoble on crappy formats

I think that many might be quite surprised by what Robert Scoble just said in his latest post:

"The crappy format is good enough until someone comes up with something better. And that's what you're all missing."

Ain't that the truth. Pretty much everything that we're surrounded by started life as an earlier, "crappy", inferior product or specification.

The one aspect that really irritates me about many tech journalists and a whole heap of bloggers is that they naively expect that any product, service or specification should roll out perfect and ready to use. It should have all the functionality that everyone wants and be 100% efficient and reliable.

Welcome to the real world folks. It doesn't work that way. You might want it to be 100% perfect and in an ideal world maybe it should be but it ain't and a lot of the people spreading such notions really should know better.