A possible iTunes fix … from WinAmp

September 30th, 2005


A reader has offered a possible solution to some [tag]iTunes problems[/tag]. This is well worth having a look at if you are having problems.

Check it out!


Apple have now released [tag]iTunes 6[/tag] which may fix previous problems with the software ... check out this link for details.

If you are a Windows user if you are having problems with [tag]iTunes 5.0[/tag] or [tag]iTunes 5.0.1[/tag] then [tag]ml_ipod[/tag] might have a solution - a [tag]Winamp[/tag] iPod plugin.

If you want to switch completely from iTunes then you're also going to need to download WinAmp and the [tag]iTunes[/tag] database importer and the M4P input plugin. These will let you import your library from iTunes (so you don't lose any playcounts, ratings or anything) and play back music purchased with the iTunes Music Store.

If you're stuck (and from the emails I'm getting, there are a LOT of you who are!), then this might get you up and running again.

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