Tech Memeorandum – thoughts …

September 13th, 2005

News of tech.[tag]memeorandum[/tag].com is all over the web - it's the new way to look for tech news. If you're politically minded, there's also a flavor of Memeorandum for you.

I'm there and I'm using it but I'm not convinced yet ... maybe it's because I'm a speed-reader, maybe because I'm divergent, maybe it's because I like to choose my sources, maybe it's because I dislike relying on one thing because once that goes down or stops working (think Bloglines), maybe it's just because it just shows me what I already keep up with and have already seen by the time it appears on the page. I don't know. I just feel unimpressed (and I shouldn't because it's a free service that doesn't owe me anything ...).

Robert Scoble's been talking about this for a while (keeping the name secret at the time though) and maybe my problem with it is that I was expecting more from it, I don't know.

I do like the interface though - it's easy to use and quite intuitive (albeit a bit basic). One thing that it's really lacking is a way to customize the feeds - it's currently a take it or leave it thing.

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