Sony recalls some PlayStation 2 adapters

September 13th, 2005

[tag]PStwo[/tag] owners (that's the slimline version of the [tag]PS2[/tag]), it's time to check your [tag]adaptors[/tag] - check your adapter. If the adaptor was manufactured between August and December 2004 and came with PStwo models SCPH70002, SCPH70003 and SCPH70004, you could be one of the millions that has to send it back.

Details on finding these numbers on your PStwo can be found here and details of the [tag]recall[/tag] can be found at

"What is the cause of the problem?

A small component, supplied to the manufacturer of the AC Adaptors (not Sony) by a sub contractor and used in the AC Adaptor for the PlayStation 2 black slimline models between August and December 2004, has been found to be vulnerable to overheating.

The component was not used in the manufacture of AC Adaptors after December 2004.

How exactly did you discover the fault?

The fault was discovered from a small number of cases, reported to the customer service centres in North America, of the AC Adaptor overheating, and in several cases, melting. In Europe, Middle East, Africa or Australaisa, SCEE has received 4 reports of overheating. These 4 incidents are minor and have not lead to any severe consequence but as a precautionary measure SCEE have taken the decision to recall the affected units from these territories.

What should I do whilst waiting for the replacement cable to arrive?
Is it safe to continue using a PlayStation 2 in the meantime?

Whilst there have been no instances of overheating leading to fire or injury from the 2.3 million PlayStation 2s sold with this AC Adaptor in Europe, Middle East, Africa or Australasia, SCEE advises customers with a unit which is covered by the recall, as a precautionary measure to unplug the PlayStation 2 from the power supply and discontinue use until a replacement AC Adaptor is provided.

If your unit is not one of those identified you may continue to use your [tag]PlayStation 2[/tag] as normal."

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