Building better To-Do lists?

September 12th, 2005

If you find yourself creating [tag]to-do lists[/tag] but find them ineffective then this post over on 43 Folder (via Michael Hyatt) is that you should read. It might seem like very basic stuff but it's amazing how often people neglect to pay attention to the basics.

Bringing this information into the computer world so it's relevant to the readers here, nothing helps to keep a computer going than a to-do list of common maintenance tasks that you should carry out daily, weekly and monthly.

It seems that the word for 2005 is [tag]workflow[/tag] and being able to create effective and helpful [tag]to-do[/tag] lists is an important part of managing workflow.

No matter how effective you are, how much you get down or how little you procrastinate, there's something in that post for everyone.

Part two tomorrow .. .I can't wait!

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