Thoughts on “Who’s There?”

September 7th, 2005

I like it! In fact, I love it! 😀

A while back I wrote a couple of posts about why [tag]IBM[/tag]-style [tag]blogging[/tag] scared me (basically, I thought that 130,000 IBM bloggers hitting the web basically blogging to keep their job - this followed some sever job cuts - would result in dry, boring, tasteless blogs).

Well, it's nice to see that [tag]Seth Godin[/tag] in his latest ebook "Who's there?" appears to share my point of view:

"A friend sent me over to Adobe’s new blog. It’s one developer after another writing about the stuff they’re working on, little minutia about new products. I lasted about a minute. There should be a warning that says, “Not for everyone!?

That’s okay as long as the expectations are set properly. I can’t imagine Adobe’s blog is going to get them one new customer. There won’t be one person who sees this insider dope and decides to buy Illustrator."

As usual, Seth sums this up better than I did. It also scared me because IBM was making a "big announcement" about their blogging strategy that hit the media, and because it hit the media in a big way the average web user might be inclined to check out more "boss blogs" and be put off by what they read.

The blog announcement came from IBM following a serious cull in employee numbers and was being reported as a way for the remaining employees to spread the word about their products - something I just didn't see that happening. Now Seth seems to agree with me, which makes me happy! 😀

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