Govt blocks Katrina help sites

September 6th, 2005

"Just received a call from a reader at a U.S. government agency who reported that internal Web filtering software installed at his office was blocking access to, a legitimate Web site where people left homeless by Hurricane Katrina can find a temporary place to stay."
Continued at The Washington Post

Filtering software is, as a rule, a law unto itself - the don't disclose the sites that they block, they are unfriendly to webmasters who feel that they are being unfairly blocked and are generally a pretty useless defense against people wasting time at work. And now we see that they are actually blocking sites that are meant to help the needy.

I wonder how many of the scammy [tag]Katrina[/tag] related sites that these filters block? Did the filter company just add all Katrina related sites to the block list after the [tag]hurricane[/tag] hit land. It's time that filter companies come clean about who, how and why they are blocking sites.

Note: If my research is now up-to-date, the block has now been lifted on this site.

As an aside, take a look at this link to see the number of Katrina-related sites registered at the time the hurricane was approaching and when it hit land.

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