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Inside Nokia’s “smash labs”

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Ever wondered how companies test the overall durability of products such as mobile phones? Well here's your chance to see how Nokia test how well their phones will put up with being hit, dropped, abraded, exposed to rain, exposed to dust and a whole host of other nasties.

My favorite - impact test!

MobileCrunch Nokia Testing Labs Tour: Spanky from mobilecrunch on Vimeo.
The pant leg test is also interesting!

MobileCrunch Nokia Testing Labs Tour: Pant leg test from mobilecrunch on Vimeo.

Almost every Windows PC contains at least one insecure program

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Sobering stats from Secunia. Out of a random sampling of 20,000 systems, a whopping 98.09% have one or more insecure program installed.

The total number of PCs/users included in these numbers are 20,000, out of these 98.09% have 1 or more insecure programs installed on their PC, hence: 98 out of 100 PCs that are connected to the Internet have insecure programs installed!

It gets worse - nearly half of all Windows systems have eleven or more insecure programs installed.

Here's the data:

  • 0 Insecure Programs: 1.91% of PCs
  • 1-5 Insecure Programs: 30.27% of PCs
  • 6-10 Insecure Programs: 25.07% of PCs
  • 11+ Insecure Programs: 45.76% of PCs

This data is a subset of the data collected by Secunia's own PSI (Personal Software Inspector) scanner software.

So, what do you do? Well, here's an idea:

  • Download Secunia PSI.
  • Install it.
  • Run it!
  • Now act on any vulnerabilities it finds (PSI makes downloading updates a snap - you just have to click on the download link).
  • Now run it regularly and patch anything that you might have missed!

Do it now!