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Realistic looking fake Windows Update popup on MySpace

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

If you're a regular MySpace user then you probably want to keep your eyes peeled for this one:

Realistic looking fake Windows Update popup on MySpace

I have to say that that's a very realistic looking popup.

(via Sunbelt Software blog)

Beware the FTC fake email

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Beware of a fake FTC email doing the rounds - it has nothing to do with the FTC and is nothing more that a social engineering ploy to get users to run malware.

Here's the email:

Dear Name,

A complaint has been filled against you and the company you are affiliated to by Mr. George Hanson and sent to Federal Trade Comission by fax,in witch he's claiming that he has been cheated by you and your company in paying a greater ammount of money than the one appearing on the invoice you gave him for using your services.

The complaint states he contacted your company on MON, 22 OCT 2007, trying to solve this situation without interference from any Governmental Institution , but your company refused to take action.

On WED, 24 OCT 2007, the complaint was sent by fax to Federal Trade Commission and we forwarded it to Internal Revenue Service and Better Business Bureau.

Complaint was filled against :
Name :
Company :

If you feel that this message has been sent to you in error or if you have any questions regarding the next steps of this process, please download the original complaint by clicking the link below :

Please take knowledge of the complaint's content and complete the form at the bottom of forward it to [email protected]

Bruce Jameson
Complaint Officer
Federal Trade Commission,Fraud Department

The bad spelling and grammar should be a give away.

Blu-ray BD+ busted?

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

According to SlySoft, the advanced BD+ Blu-ray copy-protection mechanism has been defeated:

AnyDVD goes AACS MKBv4

SlySoft was recently honoured by AACS-LA, being declared as public enemy number one in the ongoing battle for copyright protection.

To prove them right and to take on the challenge, SlySoft has just released the latest AnyDVD version which beats the latest 4th generation HD-DVD and BluRay copy protection MKBv4, which was expected to be unbreakable.

All that AACS-LA has to offer now is BD+, but even that is on the verge of being circumvented and a release is expected by the end of this year. James Wong, Head of development at SlySoft: "We already found a way to crack BD+ and we have just turned to fine-tuning. I should really think about hiring a bodyguard now, since this product won't please everybody."

Giancarlo Bettini, CEO of SlySoft: "One could start feeling sorry for the poor movie industry guys, but in the end, it saves their jobs and ours. Actually, they could be grateful and show a little bit more appreciation. Beating AACS-LA's protection was a challenge that we accepted passionately, since winning feels a lot better if the opponent is almost as strong as we are. However, I wonder when people will understand that more restrictions, pressure and protections that prevent things from working won't generate more but less revenue. Microsoft's revenue in the 90ies prove us right and even Apple recently released a DRM-free iTunes version."

Free partitioning tools

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Good post by Chris Pirillo:

Many of you have asked me for a recommendation for a partition tool. In the past, I’ve recommended Partition Magic, which of course is not free. Wirelesspacket gave me a link to a free partitioning program that appears to be quite good!

PartedMagic is an open source project. It is a Linux LiveCD/USB/PXE with its elemental purpose being to partition hard drives.

What is a partition, you ask? Well, to put it in simple terms… take your Disk on your computer. Usually, your C drive of course. You can use this tool to create “partitions” on it, that is, separate sections. You can have one that boots a Linux distro, one that boots Windows, and even one for your music files. You see where I’m going with this? A partition tool will help you divide that hard disk, and manage the separate sections… or partitions.

Apple’s Time Machine backup tool is amazing

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Last Friday we picked up our first Mac.  We went for the Mac mini because it's small, doesn't come with peripherals such as keyboards and monitors and it's also pretty cheap.  We picked it up on Friday because it was Leopard's launch day and that gave us a Mac with Tiger installed and a Leopard upgrade disc, allowing us to experience both OSes.

Apple's Time Machine backup tool is amazingWe've been playing with the Mac over the weekend and come to the conclusion that Leopard is a pretty good OS.  One aspect of Leopard that i was very eager to test was Time Machine.  Time Machine is a backup utility that takes the effort out of backing up a system.  I'd heard a lot about this in the run up to Leopard's release but it was hard to separate fact from marketing hyperbole.  I've tried a lot of backup utilities for Windows and find each and every one of them lacking.  The main issues are that the software is complex to use and hits system performance hard when backing up.  I was especially interested in seeing how much of a performance hit there was from running Time Machine on a Mac, especially given that it runs hourly.

The good news is that Time Machine is as close to being the perfect backup utility that I've yet to come across.  Not only is it easy to use (some power users might feel that it's too basic but as long as it does the job I don't care) but the backup process doesn't affect performance in any noticeable way - you can continue to use the system normally while Time Machine is doing its thing.  This is brilliant.

I've put together a few thoughts over on Hardware 2.0, along with an image gallery.  Feel free to take a look.