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Loads of user manuals

Friday, April 28th, 2006

When it comes to user manuals I have to admit to being, well, a little untidy.  They seem to disappear into other random piles of paper and only surface after the device that they refer to has been lost, broken or become obsolete.

Here's a site for everyone out there who suffers from my affliction (yes, untidiness is an affliction!) -  It has manuals for all sorts of devices (from DVD players to electric toothbrushes) and it's now added to my favorites list!

(via Fosfor Gadgets)

Hmmm, Office Genuine Advantage does seem to be broken!

Friday, April 28th, 2006

In the last post I blogged about the new Office Genuine Advantage feature that Microsoft seem to be testing.  Well, it's broken. 

Office Genuine Advantage - broken!

Sorry Microsoft, but this copy is:

  • Legal
  • Activated
  • Not a counterfeit
  • Installed by me
  • Working properly

Customers who have spent good money on products are going to be annoyed about being called lies, cheats or thieves.  Even though I didn't want the download I found this annoying.

Microsoft Genuine Office Validation/Office Genuine Advantage makes an appearance

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Microsoft have started to roll out [tag]Genuine Office Validation[/tag] ([tag]Office Genuine Advantage[/tag]) to work alongside their Windows pirate detector.  Currently it's only applied to an old download for Office but expect this to become more widespread soon.  If you try to download this and you've been naughty you can expect to see a message that looks something like:

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003: Validation Failed

The product key used to install Office has been blocked by Microsoft.

Currently validation is only recommended, but you can probably also expect this to change soon too.



This feature seems to be broken. It's telling me that my copy of Office isn't activated when it is.

Kathie’s Spittin’ chips about Amazon

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Kathie's spittin' chips about in her latest blog post.  It seems that Amazon has started to dish out family-unfriendly/workplace-unfriendly (depending on your family or workplace I guess) items onto the front page through the "This is the Page You Made" feature.  She's dubbed this new Amazon feature "Ama-porn".

I did a little investigating of my own and I can see the same thing happening too.  It's strange because for as long as I can remember it Amazon has maintained a squeaky-clean image.  I'm wondering if it's a product that they're trying to push that's on the front page that's been mis-categorized and is causing this.  It's odd that all my geeky purchases isn't outweighing this effect.

My kids use Amazon a lot to choose things they’d like and find out what’s new, but for the meantime they’re banned from the site because these links can steer them into bad neighborhoods on the Amazon site.  Well, at least there's an upside to all this - it's saved me a few quid!

Definitions – P2P

Friday, April 28th, 2006


Peer-to-Peer -