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Your Questions

Is this book all about new PCs? What if my PC is a bit old?
No, I cover a lot of older systems too - after all, more than 50% of PCs in use are 3 years or older!

I have a brand new PC. Do I need this book?
If you want to keep it running like new (or as close to new as possible) you are going to need to get a maintenance schedule stared as soon as possible - don't wait for problems to come your way! Head them off at the pass!

My PC comes with a warranty. Do I need a book like yours?
Warranties are a complex issue, but this book lifts the lid on different kinds of warranty and after sales cover. You might be surprised what you learn.

Will I need to buy a lot of expensive tools?
You will need some basic tools if you are going to work on the hardware side of things, however, a basic toolkit shouldn't cost more than $20 - $40. This book assumes you have access to only the most basic of tools and doesn't require you to have items such as multimeters.

Is it dangerous to open up a PC?
It can be, but we cover safety in detail. In fact, you may even start to think that I get a bit repetitive about it, but I believe in the adage "Safety First!"   >>Back

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